A little bit about me

In a typically British way, Eldenwood Craft was born out of a wet February afternoon. Trying to find something entertaining for my young daughter to do we ventured out to the local craft store and returned with knitting needles, crochet hooks and yarn.  I was hooked, my daughter not so.  Now I think I can call myself a true Knitter (the capital K there is important!) and I have also ventured into crochet, cross stitch and embroidery, the latter of which I would dearly love to develop some sort of skill with if time were not the terrible limiter that it is.

Once the craft bug bit, I also started sewing; a pencil case for a teacher’s end of year gift and other simple things.  I loved to sit at the sewing machine, playing with fabrics and colours and seeing them turn from raw material into finished object.  I wondered if other people might like the things I was making and that leads us to today and Eldenwood Craft.

My aim is provide high quality handmade project bags using beautiful fabrics with the emphasis on  modern, functional and made to last.

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