Autumn update

It’s September! For the knitters amongst us this usually heralds much hoorahing and thinking about handknit jumpers and socks. I’ve had a rummage in my bucket of project bags to find some season-appropriate knitting and I’m now finishing off the last sleeve on my Mountain Mist jumper, a pattern by Tin Can Knits (details on my Ravelry project page). It will then need a wash and a block and will be ready to wear by the time the temperatures begin to dip down to jumper-necessary levels. I’m also looking forward to trying out my newest shawl – the Waiting For Rain shawl that I finished earlier in the summer.

Waiting For Rain

I have just had a couple of weeks off from the day job and spent much of it sewing up a storm in my new craft room. Having space really helps productivity.

I had been hoping to have a project bag shop update in September, however I have also spent some time planning the latter part of 2019 and have come up with a new plan.

In mid October I will be vending at a market (I will provide more details when I get the green light) and this obviously necessitates having lots of project bags in stock. Therefore all my sewing in recent weeks has been, and for the next few weeks will be, working towards building up a good number of project bags and accessories for this event. There will be a range of bags available including sheep bags.

I had thought that I would be able to include some of the bags I have sewn for a September shop update, but because of limited sewing time over the coming weeks I have made the decision not to have the September update and instead have a big update after the market, most likely in the first half of November. I want to make sure that my online update has as many bags as possible rather than just pick a few out of my market stock to put into Etsy.

The date of the shop update will be announced here later in October so check back here in a few weeks to see.

And just a little bit of sewing reality for you. If you’ve watched my podcast or follow me on Instagram you may have seen a new cube bag I shared, made using beautiful bird fabric. This bag got a really positive response and I planned to add some of these to the shop. However…for the life of me I have not been able to sew another one to the standard that I would expect in my shop. I have no idea why, but they are just not working out for me. So for now, until I can get these just right, they will remain a work in progress rather than a finished object and the fabric is being put to good use in another bag.

Wishing you all a happy autumn.

Emma xx

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