Blogging time

So, I have a cuppa to hand, and a clear half hour to organise my blog thoughts and get them onto screen.

I didn’t quite make Sunday morning as promised in my last post; mid-week is as close as I can manage I’m afraid!

I must admit to having been distracted over the weekend by all sorts of things. Mainly I have been on the hunt for lovely things. Not a bad way to spend the weekend admittedly but a distraction nevertheless.  Protagonist in chief in the distraction stakes was a visit to a local shop that I have been planning to go to for months.  Two Ducks in Woking is a beautiful shop, full of gifts for the home from British designers.  It is the brainchild of the lovely Claire Leigh and you can read her story and all about her shop here.

I visited after Claire had posted a photo on Instagram of some mustard. That may not get most of you excited enough to get in the car and track it down but I am rather partial to a spot of mustard. And so it was that I found myself in Two Ducks and how glad I am that I did.  As well as the mustard (yet to be sampled) I picked up some delicious chocolate and chilli fudge (all gone now) and a couple of notebooks from Poppy Treffry, whose work I just love. It was a rather lovely way to be distracted! I have big plans for that mustard and may well report back here!

I have also been somewhat distracted by a knitting project I’m desperately trying to finish. Its the Campside Shawl by Alicia Plummer and it’s such a joy to knit. The yarn I’m using is a cashmere / merino blend that is so soft and squishy, I’m looking forward to actually getting to wear the shawl.  It is growing quite quickly now – but rather happily curls up into a lovely squishy ball (into one of my bags!) when it needs to be tucked away – OK that doesn’t happen very often!

Campsite shawl Eldenwood craft bag

On the Eldenwood Craft front I have been busy looking for new fabrics and dreaming up ways to use these.  I am very hopeful to have some new and different stock in the shop soon. I also need to start gearing up for a craft fair I am attending in Wimbledon on 16th May – more details to follow soon.  Orders have also started coming in via my Etsy shop which is soooo exciting. People have been contacting me via various social networks to say hello and even asking about (and placing) custom orders.  It’s a great leap of faith to buy something from someone you don’t know on-line and I am grateful to each and every one of you who have been in touch.

So this post is a little rambling I’m afraid! I will bring it to an end by wishing you all a happy Bank Holiday weekend (in the UK anyway). I hope you have some fun plans and the weather doesn’t get in the way. I will be enjoying some family time (must chivvy them on to get some fresh air on at least one of the days), some Eldenwood Craft time, and see what else happens. I’d love to go down to the coast for the day…

Emma xxx



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