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I hope you are keeping well during the Covid-19 pandemic. As a family we are all well; my husband and daughter are are working / schooling from home while I am still going out to work during the day (my day job is in the NHS). My Etsy shop remains open although there may well be shipping delays as inevitably things slow down and I cannot unfortunately control the postal service or flights carrying parcels overseas! There are also some exciting things going on behind the scenes that I want to let you know about.

I took the decision a little while ago that it was time to move away from Etsy and to host my own store. I have been working away on this in the background and it is almost time to unveil the new website. It will have the same address as this site – and this site will cease to exist. I may be able to give it an alternative name and link back to the old posts via my new website but that is something I need to explore over the next few days. I will also no longer be adding listings to my Etsy shop and instead will sell all project bags and accessories through my stand alone site.

In tandem with the new site there will be a big shop update with some new style bags, new fabrics and the return of some old favourites. Hopefully there will be something for everyone.

The all important date for the big reveal will be Monday 30th March at 6pm UK time. I do hope you’ll be able to pop over and have a browse.

Once I am up and running I will be updating the shop on an ‘as I make’ basis, with the occasional big pre-announced update a few times a year. As usual I will be doing most of my shop announcements through Instagram. Did you know you don’t need to have an account to look at people’s feeds on Instagram so don’t worry if you don’t want to set yourself up on Instagram, just pop in sometimes to see what I’ve been up to.

I will also be setting up a mailing list (that will follow shortly after the shop goes live) where I will be announcing updates, offers and so on.

One important thing to let you know about. If you signed up on this website for news updates (ie you got an email to let you know that I had posted this post today) I will not be carrying those details over. If you want to join the mailing list, keep an eye out on the website for details of how to do that shortly after the go live date.

So that is the exciting news. I do hope you’ll join me over at the new site next week. Let me know what you think and if there are any features you’d like to see. I may not be able to accommodate everything but I’ll give it some thought!

Until I next pop by, take care and stay well.

Emma xx

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