First plans for 2019

We are mid way through January already. How? That’s crazy isn’t it? Apart from some more sheep bags I’ve not sewn any new project bags for you, so it’s about time I put that right. I have already shared this post in Instagram but including it here as well to make sure I give you what you want in terms of my next project bag offering.

Project bag, woodland theme, knitting bag

I have some ideas but would welcome any thoughts from others as to what you’d like to see when I next add some bags to my Etsy shop. Sweater size, shawl size, sock size? Drawstring or zip? Buckets and totes? On-the-go bags? Notions pouches? Favourite fabric? Any of these are possible if you want them. I won’t however be able to take custom / specific orders, and with regard to sheep bags, these will be back later this year once the last of the waiting list is complete.

So if your knitting desperately needs a specific bag made from that longed-for fabric, let me know. Leave a comment below, email me, hop over to Instagram and leave a comment in the post, however you want to get in touch. I won’t be able to please everyone in one go but I’ll do my best to get as rounded a collection of project bags as possible (date of update still to be decided!).

Emma xx

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