In search of lost time

So it’s taken much longer than expected to get this second post in the Eldewood Craft blog onto screen.  I can’t quite believe where the time has gone since last writing. OK we’ve had the Easter break which was very exciting for us (more in a bit) but really, I’m not sure where over two weeks have gone! Maybe they are hiding in the same place that the zipper foot for my sewing machine has been hanging out for the last few days, because I can’t find that either.

I find myself now sitting in peace and quiet while the rest of the house sleeps, early on Sunday morning. Weekend mornings, before the house stirs, are just my favourite times of the week. They promise a full day ahead of family-time or of time to be able to make plans for Eldenwood Craft and this makes me a Very Happy Person.

So perhaps Sunday mornings are the best time for me to get my thoughts out onto your screens.  Everything I read about writing a blog successfully tells me that I must have a schedule of when and what to write and to stick to it, the latter I am sure being the harder of those two tasks to achieve. I therefore pledge to you (can you tell we are in the middle of election time here in the UK?) that Sundays will be update day – look out for the posts and if my pledge fails to materialise do have a go at me!

Since last posting then, as indicated above, there does not seem to have been much time for Eldenwood Craft which is a shame because momentum was just starting to build.  We had a family trip to New York over the Easter weekend which was just fabulous. This is not a travel journal and I don’t plan to bore you with tale after tale of what we did (because I am sure we did what most tourists do when they go to the Big Apple). Suffice it to say we had a ball, saw the sights and did a huuuuuge amount of walking. A fun but exhausting few days away.

Breathtaking NYC
Four days in NYC

Pretty little New York by satsuma streetIn homage to our trip we (me and daughter, E) have decided to tackle a New York cross stitch picture – this gorgeous pattern from the very brilliant Satsuma Street (, ‘pretty little new york’. We thought it would be fun to have a crafty project on the go that we could both dip into. And when E wants to get involved in something crafty I will jump at the opportunity as she has not shown a whole heap of interest to date. We have made a sloooow start…

As for Eldenwood Craft, what plans lie ahead? I spent a few evenings this week putting together a design for a new bag to go in the Etsy shop.

Eldenwood craftIt’s most likely to be used as a knitting project bag but could have a raft of other uses. The first one went into the shop yesterday and I will add a few more shortly. I rather like this one I must admit, particularly the contrast lining.



Eldenwood craftLast weekend was spent with my gorgeous girlfriends of 27 years (we met at college in the late 1980s – gulp!) in Devon. It was our annual get together and we spent much of Saturday mooching around the beautiful town of Topsham which happily was bathed in sunshine for the day. It seems that every other shop along Topsham High Street is a gifty / homewares shop chock-a-block full of temptation! I walked away with, amongst other things, 2 metres of this lovely oilcloth which I plan to make into wash bags and possibly some bunting, all of which will find their way into the shop soon I hope.

My daughter told me that my last post was too long and I’m conscious that I may be heading that way with this one too so I’m going to call it a day for now.  So until next Sunday, I hope you have a great week.

Emma xxx

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