Introducing the Eldenwood Craft Hat Knitalong

Introducing the Eldenwood Craft Hat Knitalong

I am a knitter and I don’t own a hat. There, I’ve said it. Hats are pretty straightforward items to knit I believe so why on earth am I hatless? This winter I must have some head coverage and so a hat project has pushed its way to the top of my very long Ravelry  queue.

I am quite picky and I have searched and searched Ravelry for the perfect hat.  I don’t think that I am a natural hat wearer; I have quite a big head and I’ve never really found a hat that suits me (or so I think), and my head gets hot so those beautiful big chunky cabled hats are non-starters. To commit the yarn and time to make a hat is therefore a bit of a leap of faith in that I don’t know if the finished object is going to fit me never mind suit me (I know, I know I could swatch – but for a hat? Really?)

I narrowed the hat list down to three. All are relatively similar in style and simplicity.

images courtesy of Ravelry

In the end I opted for Raituli (top image) designed by Marja  Semuola. The other two hats are Birdie (bottom left) by Adrienne Thomas, and Conversationalist (bottom right) which is a Plucky Knitter design. I like the fact that these are all reasonably straightforward. Birdie intrigues me because it is knit sideways but I thought I should probably knit a straight up and down hat first before I tackle this one. Conversationalist is gorgeous, and I love the fun you can have with the pompom, but I felt for a first hat the stripes of Raituli would keep me more motivated.

So hat chosen, I searched my stash for yarn. I had wound a skein of yarn from YanTanTethera Yarns in the Pavement colourway ages ago  – for what reason I can’t remember. However this will be perfect for one of the stripes. I then remembered I had a decent sized nugget of some Malabrigo Sock in the Cote d’Azur colourway left over from a recently completed shawl. Dark blue and grey are the perfect colour combination for me and so the yarn was choice was easy.

I am sure there will be some other knitters out there who are about to start knitting a hat. Why not join in with my new knit along –  the #echatalong2017. Full details can be found in my Ravelry pages and on Episode 11 of my podcast, but in short, knit a hat between now and the end of November and you could be in with the chance of winning a prize (so far we have some pattern prizes and I will add in a project bag). Who’s in ?

Emma xx

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