July shop news

I am pleased to be able to announce that there will be an Etsy shop update on Sunday 2nd July at 10am UK time.

This update will consist of a number of one-off bags using the Birdsong collection recently released from Dashwood Studios. I fell in love with the fabrics in this collection, designed by Joanne Cocker (aka Jojo Coco Design). Described as “a muted and calming collection of birds, trees, mountains, and raindrops” I knew the first time I saw the fabrics that they would be destined for bags for the shop, and with names such as Birdsong, Horizon, Scattered Seeds and Flocking Birds I’m sure you will understand why.

Whilst writing about Birdsong, it seems a good opportunity to let you know about a secret project that I have been working on over the last couple of months and which I was finally able to show off this week.  I was contacted by Claire, the owner of an amazing online store, The Woolly Thistle, based in the United States, to see if I would be interested in supplying some bags for her beautiful shop.  I had followed Claire on Instagram for quite a while and loved what she was doing and so I didn’t need to think twice.  The Woolly Thistle sells the finest British yarns to Claire’s American audience and I know that if I lived In the States I would definitely shop there.

I wanted to send Claire a collection of bags that would compliment what we both do with our own shops and so the seagull bags were born…

Look out for the bags landing in Claire’s shop soon, but watch your ice cream, these seagulls are greedy chaps!

Emma xx

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