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Morning all,

Busy week for Eldenwood craft

What a busy week it’s been and what a busy week it will be coming up too.  I will be honest and say that I usually prefer a week on the quieter side of the spectrum, but sometimes a week full to the brim hits the spot and that’s how I feel at the moment. I’m thriving on the packed days and evenings.

As a gal who loves a list, I thought I’d bring you my top three highlights of the week:

1. The biggest event this week nationally was undoubtedly the general election. Whether or not you were happy with the result, the drama that such events create is fascinating. And I loved that my 12 year old really took an interest in policies and party principles.  We had many a long chat this week about how you choose who to vote for and what the various parties stood for.

2. On the Eldenwood Craft side of things I’ve had a busy 10 days making up and sending out orders both via my Etsy shop and locally requested custom orders. I have struggled to find the time I need to make up new and different stock for the shop, however, I’m hoping that after Saturday’s craft fair in Wimbledon I’ll be able to fizz into action so keep an eye out in the shop…. I did fortunately find the time to hunt down some new fabric for some planned new products and these arrived this week.  Just feast your eyes on this lovely lot! Can’t wait to get busy with these!

Eldenwood craft fabric

3. This is very possibly my favourite time of year. Once May hits then I know that the winter months are definitely gone, replaced by the promise of long days, warm days and outdoors days.  There is so much positivity around. We have managed to spend a good deal of time outdoors this week, particularly last weekend when the mister and Miss E spent time sorting the garden out, weeding, planting, tidying and generally making our outdoors space ready for summer.  I had such a beam on my face as I watched the two of them working together. We don’t have many flowers in our garden, but those that we do have were really singing this week and I spent a bit of time walking around snapping the colours that Mother Nature made – isn’t she fab.

Garden flowers

Having said we don’t have an abundance of flowers, we did spend some time at the local garden centre this week picking out some colour for our patio pots and these are now all in place making the garden a much happier place to hang out in.  Our garden dwelling week was topped off last night by a pre-dinner cold drink sat outside, our first of the year. Chin-chin!

I’m looking forward to what the coming week will bring – although I’ll be busy at the day job all week I have a feeling there may be some fun highlights along the way.

Until next time, have a great week.

Emma xx



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