Sheep Bags

Sheep Bags

Hello! How’s your summer going?

I’m pleased to be able to let you know that there will be a sheep bag update this coming weekend (Sunday 6th August) over in my Etsy shop.

There will be a number of bags available in a variety of styles. Each bag takes quite some time to put together so producing a lot of them is a little difficult! However I have spent the last few weeks since the last update putting together this small(maybe not the right adjective!) but beautiful collection ready for you.

The bags that will be in the update are:

Zipper (fully interfaced)
Drawstring (fully interfaced)
Drawstring (relaxed, no interfacing)
Tote (with and without a boxed bottom)

As many of you will already know, these bags are large. I use one to house my scrappy sock yarn blanket wip plus a good lot of minis and notions and there is still plenty of room to allow for blanket growth. Although I can’t profess to know this for sure, I suspect the blanket will not outgrow the bag!

The bags are made with a canvas material which will soften beautifully with use. I have used a variety of different materials for the back panel which all co-ordinate well with the sheep fabric. Each bag is fully lined – again a variety of fabrics have been used but all are light coloured neutrals – and comes with a pocket.

The update will be in two batches. The first will be at 10am and the second will be at 7pm, both being UK time.

My shop will close on Monday evening (7th August) for the rest of August to allow me to spend some time with my family. I then have plans for new bags in the Autumn, with lots of lovely new fabrics that I have been collecting over the last few months. There will also be a Christmas collaboration that I’m very much looking forward to. Keep your eyes on social media for more details later in the year.

Wishing you all a happy August and a huge thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement. This all makes me so happy and I couldn’t do it without you!

Emma xx

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