Shop update – October

Shop update – October

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It’s shop update time.

I will add a number of bags to the shop at lunchtime on Saturday 8th October – medium, large and extra-large bags.

For some people it is all about the print of the fabric, others have a preference for one fabric type over another, while for others it is all about the interfacing. If you have any preferences, all the details are in the product description.

I have really enjoyed putting this bundle of bags together;  possibly some of my favourite fabrics, old and new, are included in the update. I plan another update in the coming weeks which will include some more of the same, plus a little nod towards Christmas (yes really, sorry!).

I hope you enjoy this update, and as always, if there are any specific requests or suggestions for items you’d like to see in the shop, please do get in touch.

Emma x

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