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I’m writing this on a glorious sunny morning, very early, and the house is empty, it’s just me.  It’s rather lovely! Although I can’t wait for it to fill up again.

Did you know I spend time in a few social media outlets? Some of you will know that as well as writing this blog I also frequent Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook (some more than others). And I thought you might want to see what I get up to there. So in part 1 of my social media tour I’m going to show you around my Instagram account.  You can visit my Instagram feed here.Eldenwood craft instagram
For those of you who don’t know, Instagram is, simply, a photo sharing site. You post photos and follow other people who’s photos you like. Simple. But it is so much more than that.

I was reluctant to start posting on Instagram at first. Social media, putting myself out there, is definitely not within my comfort zone. And I can’t remember why I took the leap but I can tell you it was 85 weeks ago (because that’s what Instagram tells me) and it was a very simple (and not great) photo of a scarf that I had finished knitting.

Brooklyn tweed

But someone commented on it (something complimentary!), and I carried on, posting mainly crafty related posts, but also the odd photo of what we were up to as a family. And I became hooked. Since then I have posted 295 photos, and here are some of my favourites (for various reasons – they make me smile, bring back a memory, or I’m pleased with the image).

Eldenwood craft Instagram favourites

One of the main reasons I enjoy Instagram so much is the community that you join / build around you. As well as following other peoples’ lives or their interests (I follow a LOT of crafty people!) you develop relationships of a sort with some people. I made my first crafty sale via someone contacting me via Instagram after seeing something they liked in one of my photos. You follow their highs and lows, fun times and sad times. Some people are very happy to post very personal stories; I’m not sure I could ever go that far but I do find it a safe and supportive place to post what I want to post. You’ll not find a load of selfies on there though!!

As with all social media there are of course numerous celebrity accounts, stuffed full of pouting selfies (bit of a generalisation, I know).  I usually steer well clear of these, but there are a very few famous people I follow, favourite amongst them being Jamie Oliver, who fills his feed with recipes, pictures of his foodie related travels, and of his family. Well worth a visit.

There are also a huge number of ‘über-instagrammers’; those who post incredibly stylised photos of their perfect lives. Initially when I saw these I (stupidly) felt a little insecure – why is my life not as picture perfect as these other peoples’ lives I thought. Where are the dusty window sills, the piles of ironing, the paraphernalia of everyday life? But then I realised these photos were in effect a project, a marketing strategy, their ‘business’. There are some really beautiful posters in Instagram-land and I now view their feeds in the same way that I read a style magazine.

There are of course also business related accounts and I follow a number of crafting related business posters.  Businesses will often notify flash sales, special discounts, IG only promotions, product news etc via Instagram so it’s a useful business tool too.

So I use Instagram today to post shots of my crafting life (there is a lot of knitting on there!), Eldenwood Craft updates and the odd family photo. This little lot is what I have posted in the last weekEldenwood craft Instagram the last weekDo come and have a look around my Instagram feed and follow me if you want; it would be great to say hello.

I’ll talk about Pinterest soon.  I love, love, love Pinterest! Have a sneak peak at my boards here.

Until next time,

Emma xx

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