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So, I have a cuppa to hand, and a clear half hour to organise my blog thoughts and get them onto screen. I didn’t quite make Sunday morning as promised in my last post; mid-week is as close as I can manage I’m afraid! I […]

In search of lost time

In search of lost time

So it’s taken much longer than expected to get this second post in the Eldewood Craft blog onto screen.  I can’t quite believe where the time has gone since last writing. OK we’ve had the Easter break which was very exciting for us (more in […]

A new venture

A new venture

Hello there, and welcome to the first offering of the Eldenwood Craft blog.

What Eldenwood Craft is all about is, I hope, clear from the other pages around this site.  It’s a new venture and I’m so, so excited about it all.  You only need to ask the rest of my family and they will tell you I go on, and on, and on about Eldenwood Craft ad nauseum at the moment.  It’s because I have so many ideas bursting to get out, and I think (hope) they understand that!

I decided to try my hand at starting this business for a number of reasons, first and foremost because of the pure joy I get from sitting in my craft room playing with fabric and colour, turning them into something pretty, practical or (hopefully) both. I have also found so much inspiration from other crafters and small business owners and I had an ‘I can do that’  moment a few months ago.

fabric and work in progress
Work in progress at Eldenwood Craft HQ

Since then I have spent time making everything you see on this site.  From the logo, to the website itself, to of course the lovely things in my Etsy shop.  It has been such a steep learning curve for me but one that I have absolutely loved.  There is much, much more to do though. The website needs more content – but that will come.  I need to add more background stuff to it as well but you know, I am really enjoying the ‘geeky’ side of this and I could quite happily sit in front of my laptop all day exploring what it can do.

I had fun (and frustrations) designing the logo and coming up with a name for the business.  In fact the name was probably the hardest part about this so far.  I reckon we, as a family, took a few months to finally get to Eldenwood Craft.  I’ve heard that quite a lot – that naming a business can be one of the trickier aspects of getting a business off the ground.  Bit like naming a child I suppose – it’s got to be just right hasn’t it??

Then there was the Etsy shop to set up.  Quite a straightforward process but still one to learn.  I’ve put a few things on there so far this week and I have much more to add so keep popping back and you’ll see the shop grow.

The Eldenwood Craft social media offering has developed too.  I have set up a Facebook page and updated my Instagram and Pinterest feeds to complement the business. Links to all these are on this site.

Instagram is a relatively recent phenomenon for me and I absolutely love it.  The stories the photos tell of people’s lives are so absorbing.  Instagram has also been a massive source of inspiration in getting the business running.  There are so many incredibly talented crafters out there and seeing their work online or even visiting them in person at craft markets or seeing their work displayed in retail outlets has been so motivating for me. If you haven’t looked at Instagram before, go and have a nose around – but be warned you may find several hours have passed before you know it!

Bags stacked up
Bags in the making

So you can see that there has been a huge amount to do and I would say I am getting there with still much to do so do bear with me for a while – new sites invariably have little content and I really do want to build this up as quickly as I can!

craft fair stand
Craft fair stand

Eldenwood Craft has been out and about this week too.  Saturday saw my first craft fair. I set up shop at The Real Artisan Craft Fair in Ealing, West London.  Not my usual neck of the woods but a friend had put me in touch with the lady that runs this new market and I thought it would be exciting for my new venture to be part of her new venture too. I spent a fun few hours with my daughter who had come along for moral support (and probably a secret hankering to be able to play shop with mum!) and it was good to meet visitors to the stall and the other crafters.  Again, some truly talented people there!



I must admit to some nerves in pressing the ‘go’ button to this post.  Having one’s own thoughts published for all to see does not necessarily sit naturally with me as a person. Perhaps that’s why it’s taken a little longer than I had hoped to post this! However, the more I write, I am sure the easier it will get, and the more I will post.

Before I sign off for this post, just some thoughts going forward about what future offerings might look like.  Well of course I’m going to be telling you what Eldenwood Craft is up to, but I also intend to share with you the people and places that inspire me, and the things that have caught my eye either around the internet or out and about.  There will be lots of crafty pictures, tutorials and help too. Plus some general thoughts about… well about anything that gives me the urge to put finger to keyboard and pop that thought into the blog.  As the weeks progress I hope the blog will develop a bit of structure and you will look forward to regular posts!

So until the next time, thanks for reading, I really appreciate it!

Emma xxx